Luciferian Philosophy is supported by Four Pillars:



The feeling of power is a wonderful and good thing; struggling to overcome the obstacles and conquering inner-weakness is a powerful Eucharist to the Luciferian. The ability to enhance personal power and strategically increase it in your life is the strength of our knowledge enhancing our continuing Apotheosis. Don't abuse or overtly use the power you gain, subtle and strategic application of your Will would validate it is best to be restrained and always testing your weaknesses and strengths. 



Indulge and enjoy the pleasures of this world, watchful, however to not fall into the traps and tests of temptations which will slowly break down and breed further weakness. If you are a ceremonial magickian, always strive outside of the ritual chamber to think rationally and logically. The test of one igniting and becoming in the model of Lucifer is to recognize and understand Duality is a lie and is does not exist. No one or thing is either totally creative or "good" nor complete "evil" or destructive. If this was so, the subject would quickly dissolve in the total annihilation of existence. 



Knowledge is a tool and that which we seek to then understand and apply it towards our initiation and goals in life. Wisdom is the result of experience and the insight often painfully gained and achieved by it. Many can read "secrets" of forbidden knowledge, but if they don't understand nor have the means to apply and use it, wisdom is lacking and results cloudy in the want of validation. 



Mental power is slowly tested and enhanced by consistent habit-shaping focus and having a level of Discipline to see things to completion, no matter how you might wish to give up or follow the weakness of our fleeting thoughts and interests. Learn to Control your Thoughts by meditation and the vast tools presented in Michael W. Ford's publications and grimoires. The Strength of Will to overcome, conquer and resisting peer-pressure is a key validation that you possess the Black Flame and Luciferian Spirit.


"Through Balance, Power, Strength and Wisdom, we will achieve Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. This is the Path of the Luciferian." -Hopemarie Ford



Assembly of Light Bearers

The Assembly of Light Bearers (ALB) is an organization established after the closing (atleast temporarily) of the Greater Church of Lucifer. As the successor guild, the ALB is drastically different in structure and purpose from the GCOL. The ALB's purpose is to provide basic information on the philosophy of Luciferianism and applying a basic structural framework in which the Luciferian Philosophy can be transmitted. The ALB is governed by a select few and offers no official membership.


Luciferians are autonomous individuals who practice, according to their predilection, a varying structurural frameworks of our philosophy and potentially the practice of Adversarial Magick. Luciferian Philosophy is introduced in the simplified basis of becoming aware and actualizing inherent subconscious primal and intellectual energies. Luciferians do not worship any deity and function as Left Hand Path adherents who proceed with a transformative, black alchemical process. This process is known as the "Triad of the Morning Star" and is made of three elements of thought, application and self-determined transformation: Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis.


To be considered a non-official "member" of the ALB, you must identify and understand the 11 Luciferian Points of Power and the basic theory of the Triad of the Morning Star in action. There are no authorized individuals who are able to represent the ALB beyond a select few including Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and Hopemarie Ford. 


The ALB is an international organization which offers information on  actualizing Luciferian Philosophy in a pragmatic fashion. Luciferianism is not a dogmatic religion, rather it is a philosophical approach towards life and how to take authority over your own. It is the recognition that the individual has the power to shape and transform his or her life. This starts with the way in which the mind perceives existence. One may explore the basic Luciferian foundation by regarding our 11 Luciferian Points of Power as suggestions to be applied uniquely within daily life. This path of spiritual lawlessness begins the process of breaking free from restrictive institutionalized views through ruthlessly challenging them and discarding all those which do not hold up to scrutiny.

You may read more about our path as both a philosophy and magickial path via books by Luciferian visionary Michael W. Ford in these select titles:

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