Triad of the Morning Star

The Three-Fold Path

APOTHEOSIS is the Third Step in recognizing how Luciferian Magick actually compels change and brings results and the validation of the potential inherent within yourself. Luciferian Philosophy now by experience, insight and overcoming by struggle the obstacles between you and your goals. Luciferianism can now be understood as potentially MORE than just a way of thinking, validation ignites and opens the gates to a personal, subjective and unshakable Spiritual Awareness called Apotheosis. Upon identifying specific restrictive beliefs or habits which restrict personal insight, strength and positive results choose ONE point of power to apply first. Some points will be easier than others. 



A Path for the Individual with Practical Tools for Apotheosis

Luciferians may utilize the philosophy over time without performing ritual ceremonies or magickial workings. Those who are attracted to the Left Hand Path may seek to determine if self-initiation is his or her will or desire. Within Adversarial or Luciferian Magick traditions, the individual uses a balance of rational self-determination learning how to actualize a metaphysical framework and attain knowledge and power via Will, Desire and Belief.

The balance is using rational, skeptical thinking (as we do in our daily life) with the mytho-poetical, fantastical and obsession-driven passion of channeling and directing our energies towards specific goals. To define this simply, rational thought is the key to commanding our world we live in to change in accordance with our will; in the ritual chamber (away from the eyes of others) we invest our Will, Desire and Belief in the fantasy of the powers we recognize as potentially ‘supernatural’. We have the potential to create and support our goals by validating results and developing a spirituality highly unique to the individual. Luciferians don’t need others to agree or mass together in some religious fantasy, the strong individual shapes his or her own private spirituality and has no use in ‘converting’ others.

Luciferianism is not a mystical ‘religion’, it is based on basic principles which hold power to become “God of this World” or “Lord of the Earth”. Luciferians have the responsibility to evolve our way of thinking when needed, establishing discipline and the control of our thoughts and movements with meditation; using words to “Command” and suggest what we wish to achieve and strategic actions to conquer our obstacles. That is what ‘Rex Mundi’ means: you are accountable for your present and future. Start thinking as a rebel spirit. Apotheosis is the name of this road towards self-deification.

ILLUMINATION is the second step in actualizing self-determined goals often in attaining knowledge and strategies towards self-awareness of how the use of Will, Desire, Belief commands change according to our desire. Luciferian Philosophy. Upon identifying specific restrictive beliefs or habits which restrict personal insight, strength and positive results choose ONE point of power to apply first. Some points will be easier than others. 

The Adversary is the feared symbol known as the ‘Devil’, ‘Satan’, ‘Ahriman’, ‘Azazel’, ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Samael’ among others. Lucifer is the Bringer or more precisely ‘Bearer’ of Light, associated with the planet Venus which is known as the Morning and Evening Star. Luciferians can validate that when the 11 Points of Power are applied consistently, the individual begins to not only establish goals and insight, but most importantly the Luciferian begins to think like ‘The Adversary’ or one of the many ‘Deific Masks’ depicted in symbolic representations. To think as a Light Bearer, or ‘Lucifer’ is to rebel against dogmatic thought and to gain the awareness that we not only redeem ourselves but also have the power to think before speaking and acting.

Lucifer, Satan, Lilith and Hecate are but four examples of specific types of not only independent, terrifying and blazing symbols or Deific Masks which inspire individual BALANCE between the Creative and Destructive cycles we find in nature. Luciferians lead by example, compel change with the consistent focus of energy to creating a moving force in the material world. Illumination requires testing our strengths and confronting our weaknesses to enhance personal wisdom and power towards Apotheosis or "Becoming a God". 

Luciferians are closely related to traditional Satanism, yet there are key differences. Satanism typically represents rational self-interest and the drive to make the most out of life, including the epicurean indulgence in earthly pleasures. The symbol of Satan is simply the free-thinking, strategic and passionate ‘God of this World’ who recognizes all consciously-aware beings are selfish in base and that the Laws of Nature offer us guidance towards self-mastery. Luciferians identify often with Satan or Lucifer as if a metaphysical power or an earthly inherent force, we have the duty to ourselves to learn the strategic thoughts and psychological moves which compel change. Satanists and Setians often call this Lesser or Greater Black Magick. Luciferians can also identify with Satanism and even walk in initiatory paths including Setian, Typhonian, Thelemic and even Hermetic schools of initiation.

Luciferians often acknowledge the foundation of indulgence with self-restraint, yet seek to climb up the ladder of personal evolution, power and wisdom per our self-directed path. Luciferians understand that overall, Science is a technical definition which is identical with our understanding of Magick. Words themselves have immense power to cause change in the world.


LIBERATION is the first step in adapting and applying Luciferian Philosophy. Upon identifying specific restrictive beliefs or habits which restrict personal insight, strength and positive results choose ONE point of power to apply first. Some points will be easier than others. You should develop a simple strategy of applying a road-map towards breaking the restrictions and left-over, guilt-ridden thoughts ingrained in our subconscious since birth. Liberation requires consistent and conscious determination to break certain thought patterns and by self-determined focus of Will, establish and create a new habit which will begin the subtle path of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. It takes roughly 25 days to create a new habit, so apply and adapt the 11 Points of Power uniquely with a strategy of igniting the gift of Lucifer, the Black Flame. 

NO SUBMISSION, NO WORSHIP: Luciferians Develop Personal Power and Reject the Myths of ‘Original Sin’

Luciferians do not worship any deity or devil, we consider submission to another ‘deity’ as a demeaning and self-destructive acknowledgement of defeat.  Apotheosis is the process of Becoming a living embodiment of the Luciferian Spirit. Respecting powers and forces in the world which may be greater than us in this world is a natural recognition and awe which can drive and inspire us further. Honoring, respecting and recognizing energies or perceived powers is proper if unique thought-p[atterns acknowledge such; worship and bending the knee is the kiss of death and the subconscious urge towards weakness and self-destruction. Luciferians strive to uniquely begin to perceive and view the world as living embodiments of Lucifer, Lilith and or other Deific Masks and models to identify with. 

Lucifer as a Name of Power calls forth traits of denying dogmatic religious teachings and embracing a philosophy that inspires positive self-esteem, responsibility and insight. Lucifer as a name brings to mind a strong individual who questions everything, using knowledge and thought to apply strategy. The name of Lucifer represents Pride (in balance with the discipline or logic) and Self-Liberation: a motivator and challenging power which balances this world. We as Luciferians do not submit to any deity, but hold the powers which they represent as "masks" of knowledge. Lucifer is the antithesis of restrictive dogma and the religion of blind-faith.