Introduction to LuciferianMagick


Applying the 11 Luciferian Points of Powers as Magick

Magick is not defined by ceremony or the casting of a spell, Magick is an Arte which exists within individuals who utilize Will, Desire, Belief.

Applying the 11 Luciferian Points of Power to inspire what Setians call 'Xeper' or as Luciferians reference as 'Apotheosis'  is a slow, methodical and sometimes mundane practice which quickly can becoming boring and interest being lost. This is the first 'test' of the Adversary: self-determination, discipline and self-dedication to the Luciferian Path is a sacred pact between your 'self' as you are now and your abstract personification of your Daemon (also daimon, Holy Guardian Angel, Personal God, Higher Self). The Daemon can be understood as a imagined and visualized representation of your Higher Self or Hidden Genius, often an artistic or abstract concept of your potential as a Deified, Instinctual Muse and Daimonic guide which can slowly manifest between your Subconscious and Conscious Mind. 

Magick begins with the habit-forming continual (for atleast 25 days) discipline which compels internal change, transformation and when directed in your life, manifests your goals and desires. Magick begins in mere thought and the Black Alchemical Formula of Will, Desire, Belief. As you continue your journey on your chosen Crooked Path or Left Hand Path, validation and wisdom of the cyclical process of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. The Luciferian as an individual uniquely enhancing primal and aethyric energies internally begins to establish a type of Self-Mastery of the Mind, Self and Energies directed from the ecstasy of Will, Desire, Belief. 

The Luciferian seeks to consciously strengthen, refine and enhance one's isolate existence and imparting influence upon the objective universe, the cosmic or casual realm of cause and effect. The Objective Universe is governed and subject to natural laws and time. In this sense, time flows in one direction. The Subjective Universe is basically the personal perception and perspective on the cosmic or Objective universe. The Cosmos or Casual realm is governed in a cycle of creation to destruction, birth and death followed by renewal or rebirth. 

Luciferians recognize that the Black Flame or our isolate self-consciousness and illuminated mind which was the Gift of the Adversary unto humanity; knowing both 'good' and 'evil' and the potential of refining and exhalting the Black Flame by experience and the application of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. To simply utilize the 11 Points of Power to inspire self-transformation and the insight which brings a sense of personal Power as a living embodiment of the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit. 

Ceremonial Magick is not required for membership in the ALB, nor is it presented as an official part of our Philosophical practice in the organization. This is a basic outline on the theory and practice of Adversarial or Luciferian Magick. This is a very basic application of theory and is not encompassing of all traditions and variants of our path. This basic foundation is the Traditional Luciferian Magick established practice based on the published works of Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and associated Adepts. 

This is to provide insight into authentic Luciferian practice for those interested in the ceremonial practices of some individuals. 

*Sections Adapted from "Beginning Luciferian Magick" by Michael W. Ford (Succubus Productions 2008)

Following sections are published with permission from the Author and Publisher


The Luciferian Path is one which exercises the sanctification of Self by activating aspects of the Adversary in particular form. This approach, highly at odds with traditional occult assumptions, is difficult to navigate for Practitioners just getting started.

Questions arise such as:

What is Adversarial Magick?

What distinguishes it from other paths?

What can be expected by its practice?

How does one decide if it is personally suitable?

Who or what are the deities of the Adversarial pantheon and how does one approach them?

What steps can be taken to start the journey?

These are the questions this manuscript answers. The first part of this book deals with theoretical and methodological foundations of magick. The second part takes a look at previous books through ritual, commentary and suggested practices. Reprinted works have been refocused and expounded upon with additional instructions for the beginner.

Previous works of the author were initially written to organize a record of personal magickal practice. Ancient magickal forms were revived and new ways of magickal approach were synthesized. These practices became further activated by the technical meritocracy of chaos magick fusing with philosophical and Gnostic elements of Satanism. A progressive, system of initiatory magick was thus born. Heralding the spirit of Lucifer through Adversarial forms, it is now necessary to make this decidedly-complex path accessible to each man and woman with an interest in Self-Deification.


The Luciferian Path offers a unique approach to life and darkness. Its doctrines are free of dogma and cults of personality. This fundamental cultural shift in dark-initiatory magick often creates interpretive challenges for the new Practitioners.

Understanding and beginning the path requires a significant investment of time and focus. Once accepted and possessed, the Initiate transforms into One of the Witchblood. All obstacles barring the way become illuminated into that which must be torn, clawed and rent on each individual’s ascent to Godhood. May this work constitute an illuminating beacon making these first steps more clear.

The path of Adversarial Magick demands the overcoming of opposites, not only to unite but to master and compel. The symbolism of the Four Hells as published in Beginning Luciferian Magick, Drauga and Bible of the Adversary is a model for willing and commanding change to occur. The Four Hells represents Thought, Word, Deed and the Daemonic concept of Self. The Luciferian Path is vast, but you don’t have to concern yourself with the breadth of it all just yet. 

Starting off in Luciferian Magick is to strive for challenge that manifests into self-illumination. Starting upon the path, one must understand the difference between symbol and significance.

It is important to note that the ideas outlined here are but guidelines. Each Initiate must take these ideas and possess them- make them your own. Change each and every part to suit your person, prefence and ascent. Achieve the greatest magnitude and intensity as possible.

It is easy to let words and terminologies distract you from the deeper meanings in these doctrines. There is a natural tendency of the mind to focus on deciding whether you agree with the correctness of a particular word or concept. Such a “judgment-decision” focus can sabotage the ability to comprehend the depth of the ideas and relationships communicated.

Let us consider that a word is merely a symbol. A symbol has a unique set of attributes. The symbol has a peculiar relationship to other symbols. Pay particular attention to these relationships and the actions connecting each symbol. This way of looking at the Luciferian Doctrines can be of great assistance in grasping the practical framework of Adversarial Magick.

It is just like deciding to learn a new language. It takes study and practice. Fastidious mapping out and writing down new words, defining them with ones you already understand. One becomes an effective communicator when concepts can be shared across symantic and symbolic boundaries.

Boundaries, as languages, exist within (and beyond) Self to understand and breach. Once emphasis is redirected from “judgment-decision” into “essence-focus-action” can these boundaries be understood, confronted and transcended. This is done through the art of symbol, ritual, energy and action.

Each individual possesses a unique set of internal languages with their own attributes, restrictions and drives. Some are banal and animalistic while others are mental and even spiritual. As languages and attributes vary by person, they are impossible to index on a wide scale. Such is the reason that systems of symbols are employed!

Just like learning a new language, consider the common behaviors between geographically-dispersed cultures. Such behaviors include protecting one’s family, provisional roles of males and females and pleasurable (or shameful) indulgences in sexual congress. Considering common aspects such as these requires looking at each at a high level: consider each behavior as a symbol.

At this high level we do not examine each culture. We also do not examine every unique personality of every Initiate. Enhancing and improving the Initiate, however, has proven to possess various common elements. These elements are the symbols and actions embodied by the the Luciferian Path. Think of this when confused or bewildered about certain practices! Choose parts of yourself – your present self or your ideal self- and relate them to these symbols! This is the heart – the grammar and structure- of Initiation.

The Way of the Adversary does not require submission to any god or belief structure. You choose which beliefs resonate with you. Each individual is, however, responsible and accountable to perpetually challenge each belief, reforming each as necessary. It is this method of perpetual challenge that is the Way of the Adversary.

Faith, when mentioned, refers to Faith in the Self. Such self-confidence is the bane of self-doubt and all counterproductive, self-destructive forces existing in the ego, psychology or spiritual essence of the individual.

Thought, word, and action are the building blocks creating mind and material existence. De-emphasize the thought, word and action. It is Creativity that is the essential fire that first enabled Lucifer the ability to rebel against heaven’s cosmonopoly.

Imagination is the practice of creativity upon the mind. It is the suspension of restriction hindering one’s perception. Unfolding Imagination is essential in overcoming any perceived limits of Self.

Doctrine, itself, refers not to some dogmatic practice required but the presentation and communication of a framework of symbols. This framework has a particular form and sequence which may be interpreted and activated per each individual’s consideration.

All of this may be summarized by saying:

The Way of the Adversary is evidenced in these Luciferian doctrines and given impetus by Luciferian Faith. Impetus is born of Creativity measured by expansion of Imagination. Commensurate with the focus of the Practitioner, Self-Deification is achieved.

This idea can be symbolically stated through the actions of Cain:

Lilith seduced Adam yet she refused to submit to him. Looking towards his mother’s example, Cain slew Abel and, with the inspiration of the Archon Samael, embarked onto an unknown journey into the darkness that is the land of Nod.

Consider a statement made in a later chapter:

“The original union of Az and Satan came from the Devil falling into a deep slumber for three thousand years.”

A surface interpretation of the words might seem to indicate that a physical event of Az, a Zoroastrian demon(ness) was betrothed to the office of a Hebraic Adversary, Satan. Taken literally, one might be distracted by the truthfulness (or falsity) of the statement. However, the symbol of Az and the attributes of Satan illustrate a Mystery. An Initiate is charged with defining and activating the specific mysteries by exploring such symbols and attributes- those of Az and that of Satan - in a meaningful way to him- or herself.

Let us now look at another example from the myths of old. Cain first emerged as the Son of Samael. Samael, who had copulated with Eve, begot Cain, offspring of the Dragon. Lilith awakened Cain who had sacrificed his brother to feed his Daemon. This sacrifice as seen by Luciferians, again, as at least a symbol, or model, of casting off innocence, ignorance and weakness in exchange for wisdom and knowledge – they very chalice of the Gods!

Let us consider this short Luciferian poem:

Tubal Cain became as in flesh a dragon

In the nights when earth was young

By the fierce red flame of his furnace black

The strokes of his hammer sparked that within was called wise.

And the red sparks lit the air, which was dedication to Azazyl

Here we see that the Forge, hammer and fire are mentioned, Let us think of this in terms of our own self – the Spirit as the forge, the hammer as the Art of Samael, and the fire is that of Samael and Lilith conjoined. Further analysis of the symbols in this text hints at even deeper meanings:

Cain is sought in the hidden places of the earth, for he is the ancient and knows the unknown secrets of the earth. So also might we seek the hidden.

Cain also appears as the wizened old man, robed and hooded who walks the path of old – oak ways within the fog. So also might we reach into eternity while obscuring the sight of those choosing weakness.

He received the book of black art and the belt of the devil in shadowy rites. Cain thus became Witch – father: the forever-born of Azazel and Lilith. So also might we be forever transformed through rites of rebellion, seduction and sorceries of darkness.

This sorcerous path proves most challenging: it moves against the motions of natural order. It requires extreme amounts of self control to balance mind, body and spirit to successfully progress upon it. The Left Hand Path either envenoms/empowers or destroys/devoures.

Mysteries such as these abound in the works of the Luciferian Path. Look beyond the surface and forge your own way through the darkness. Create your symbols and design your attributes. While an inspiration to imagination, the Luciferian Path does not offer fantasy to escape this harsh reality. It is the whipping-way by which the strong shall tame the universe through intrigue, ambition, deceit and even annihilation, if need be. It is Self-Perfection and dominance measured by real results and achievement based on the parameters set by the Luciferian for him- or herself.

Arise, Magickian of Lucifer.

The Legion Within beckons.
















The activation of predatory instinct through magick is a distinguishing mark of the Luciferian Path. This is the prime method used by the Order of Phosphorus. Other ways to activate the Path include devotional practices such as prose, hymn and song. The Church of Adversarial Light is primarily focused on this form of work. This chapter focuses on magickal foundations necessary to understand, begin and sustain Luciferian initiatory practices.

No shortage of definitions for magick exist:

“Magick is the art of causing change internally and externally in accordance with the Will. Magick is the art of transformation into a sense of divine consciousness, thus it is meant to improve and assist the Luciferian.”

-Michael W. Ford, The Bible of the Adversary

“Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one's conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action."

-Aleister Crowley, Book IV

"The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable."

-Anton LaVey, the Satanic Bible

“Magic is but one's natural ability to attract without asking.”

- A.O. Spare, Logomachy of Zos

Adding to these perceptions are the myriad forms of magick throughout diverse historical magickal cultures You are advised to study these in the “Legacy” appendix for more information.

The Left Hand Path defines a way of living and developing on this earth and in this life. It demands that you are accountabile for your own actions and the actions of everyone else impacting your life. Similarly, you are responsible for self-determined goals- and their accomplishment. Enjoying the pleasure of this world yet not falling prey to weakness is yet another challenge. The Initiate of the Left Hand Path invokes the Gods which represent the rebellious and strong aspects of the human personality – often societies’ demons!

Lucifer is thus a perfect archetype for the Adversarial Path. Lucifer is the God of Light and Wisdom, yet incubates a dark or shadow side. Beneath the name of Lucifer you will find Samael, Satan, Ahriman, Set & Apep. There is also an equally strong Feminine aspect of the Adversary. In Sumerian Mythology TIAMAT, the primordial sea dragon, LILITH, the bride of Samael who was a Goddess of Sorcery, Vampires and the Night, HECATE, the Goddess of Witchcraft in ancient Greece are but a few.

High Black Magick and Low Black Magick are common practices in the Left Hand Path. The word ‘Black’ is described by Idries Shah as having the sound of FHM in the Arabic tongue. This equates it to a ‘wise understanding’. Shah further notes that “Black” connects with hidden wisdom, hearkening a rallying cry of “Dar tariki, tariqat!”

In the Darkness, the Path.

The Left Hand Path is by universal perception as being the mutation or transformation of consciousness into a divinity or divine consciousness. The process of the practice of Magick and Sorcery is its method. These are the ways to propel the body-mind-soul towards higher levels of perception.


1. To liberate yourself from restrictive beliefs you were brought up with. Better to plunge into darkness than to live in a shadow.

2. To examine deep set behaviors which may be causing problems, modify those behaviors and shape them into productive areas of your life. Magickian, Renew Thyself.

3. To open up spiritual communication and experience with the Luciferian current, i.e Gods, Daemon and Goddesses. It is irrelevant whether personal beliefs on whether these are sovereign beings, forces or just strains of psychological identification.

All is interpreted by the Self. All begins within the Self. Magick extends you.

4. To build, strengthen and refine consciousness, which will in turn build personal Ego, confidence and charisma per one’s own psychological make-up.

Every inner quality forged manifests exponentially in the external world.

5. To define what is possible in your life when your mind is focused. Limits collapse as the imagination grows. Magick purposefully binds the imagination to reality.

6. Luciferians exalt life and celebrate both spiritual and the carnal aspects of it. One’s focus may gravitate towards one or the other at any given moment or at different periods in a lifetime. The Luciferian Spirit reminds us to maintain a healthy balance. Symbiotically, the spiritual and the carnal are inherently connected. They feed upon each other. Full access to the glory flesh is not gained without sating the spirit. Similarly, full access to the spirit is impossible without gorging the flesh.

7. Personal experience is paramount – don’t assume something is so by word alone. Experience it. Challenge it. Affirm all things by your own standards; be careful that these standards do not lapse into stagnant restriction. Think of what you might do with the pinnacle of inspiration. Behold the perfect vision of your own cunning, creativity and life, manifest: the path of the Crooked Serpent begins.


High Black Magick and Low Black Magick are common practices in the Left Hand Path. The word ‘Black’ is described by Idries Shah as having the sound of FHM in the Arabic tongue. This equates it to a ‘wise understanding’. Shah further notes that “Black” connects with hidden wisdom, hearkening a rallying cry of “Dar tariki, tariqat!”

In the Darkness, the Path.

Luciferian Magick heralds this use of Darkness. Its magickal objective is to Ascend and Become. Ascension is achieved by strengthening oneself through balanced doses of Willed Change. It is most easily understood by this simple formula:


Knowledge is gathered and then activated by experience. Results empower one with Wisdom. The Practitioner becomes more than he or she was previously. This is the essence of Ascension and Becoming.

Ascension may be realized through the magickal components of Will, Desire and Belief which make more sense when arranged sequentially:

Desire. The identification of wants or needs and the decision to act.

Belief. Inner reinforcement to propel one to obtain the Desire.

Will. Movement and active focus – real energy – expended to achieve Desire.

A successful magickal working has two key components:

Framework. A representation or construct of the desire. Imagination, exercised. The more physical and elaborate the construct, the better. Frameworks are placeholders for Belief. It may include the altar, tools, candles and the ritual performance itself.

Energy. Energy inhabits the Framework. It is propulsion of Will by Belief. It imprints reality. The act of imprinting. Magickal power.

These components can be considered in contrast. Energy without a Framework is self-indulgent fantasy to no great end. Framework without Energy is dead ritual.

Interior forces, ancient frameworks, the primal energies of beast and monster, the subjugation and assumption of other-person or other-world energy: these are all aspects of the Luciferian Path. Whatever form, reinforcement is the final ingredient of Luciferian Magick. If the act seems to fail, improve the framework. Practice forms of raising/manipulating/stealing energy. Perform the enhanced rite. Improve, enhance, and repeat until successful. Such contextual failure serves you by offering an opportunity to enhance your magickal stature.

Be prepared; attaining proficiency takes great time and develops at considerable expense.

Emphasis on Imagination is frequent and significant: it is the first action in a sequence of actions vital to magick. Cain’s heart was driven by the imagination in his mind before smashing the head of his brother. Adam’s seduction by Lilith was an abominable, deliberate process. Such transformations are imagined before manifesting. Or are they?

A true Black Initiation is experiencing something beyond the limitations of Imagination. Direct contact with the Lord of Self is the gateway to initiation. Everything changes. Initiation is Great Change. The Night reveals the Hidden to all of us,

In this way and by this merit that we denizens of the Adversary ascend into Darkness. We go without trepidation, without fear, without regret. We do not rely on opposites to define us – only our own dictates and movements. We ascertain, transcend, conquer and bleed our self-forged core into the furthest reaches of the indefinable. This is the Left Hand Path.

Embrace it as a wolf or keep it hidden as frightened sheep.


Many gods, goddesses, demons and angels are indexed and expounded upon in manuscripts of the Luciferian Path. Understanding the nature of these beings can be daunting, even confusing. This section explores deific masks, the significance of the Adversary to the Luciferian Path. A concentrated table of attributes examining key figures in this Path is also provided as a quick reference.

Understand that the concepts herein are provided as a rational model of Luciferian Pantheons. Your experience, imagination and manifestation as a result of these may lead you to different belief systems and models. This is perfectly understood and even encouraged! Take this model as one example and not any sort of dogmatic assertion. Beginners may find the model useful as a starting point in their magickal practices.


Outside our perceptions of space and time – beyond concepts of cohesion and sequence – exists vast stirrings of raw power. This power may be canopied under the name of Primordial Darkness. It is cohesive yet it is oblivious to human concepts of individual sovereignty or patronage. It is multiplicitous. No macrocosmic sense of duality or contrast may be found – such power is endless, eternal and unbound.

Within this canopy of Primal Darkness is constant-shuffling, boiling chaos. Systems and forms both emerge and collapse within it. Collapse denotes the lack of human context as a means to measure or discern its attributes. Emergence denotes at least some synergy with human perception. This synergy can be named as a deity.

Emergence in the context of ritual requires the Initiate to identify and sanctify those parts of self corresponding with the deity or deities selected. This is a deific mask.

It is the challenge of the Initiate to draw these forces from within, without and around. This process is explained in the ritual chapters of this book.

Such deities enter our awareness by binding a mask of chaos to a part of the Initiate and/or his altar and tools and the ritual practiced. Identify attributes from Witch Moon, Luciferian Witchcraft, Bible of the Adversary, or any of the works of the Luciferian Path. Take these attributes and qualify them by asking basic questions such as:

1. Who from the presented pantheons is applicable to the working?

2. What attributes are historical? Mythological? Diabolical?

3. How does this deity relate to others in the pantheons presented?

Take the answers to these questions and configure your rite accordingly. Once the god or goddess makes itself known to you, either by willed ritual results, symbolic representation, inner vision or even physical manifestation, you have successfully activated a Deific Mask.

The magickian’s right to tap these forces is by the existence – and activation – of his or her creative will. It may be appropriate to be commanding, seductive, conniving, forthright. This is left to the Initiate’s discretion.


At the center of the Luciferian Pantheon is the Luciferian. Luciferian Magick is more than the improvement self-esteem by repetitive ritual affirmations. Understanding Luciferian ideology – what it is and what it is not – is a first step to realizing the forms and practices of this path.

The Right Hand Path, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam glorify a God outside of the self – a “good” being which has fathered the human spirit, who wants to escape the flesh to join the heaven or bliss elsewhere.

Understand this in contrast to the Left Hand Path of the Luciferian:

A Luciferian possesses a cradled arrogance of spirit while remaining focused and alert.

A Luciferian becomes a living embodiment of Spirit, thus e body is a temple. Do not defile it in any way that might inhibit your metamorphosis unless the reward outweighs the risk.

A Luciferian recognizes Magick is a tool to master this world and to open a gateway to the beyond. Deeply spiritual and certain of physically death, the Luciferian aims for a continued spiritual existence beyond the flesh and grave through magickal means

A Luciferian is of the fire which is illuminated from clay. Aggression, born of weakness. Light emerging from darkness. As stated in the Bible of the Adversary, all magick is black.

While black, the Luciferian’s magick is not inherently male1fic or negative. It holds closer association to KHEM, the root-meaning of the word black. It self-awakens and rewards isolation with unnatural gifts. It is inclusive of dualities: positive and negative, constructive and destructive, aggressive and receptive. It also moves beyond duality into polarities, propagating both opposite aspects from a single source: Self.

A Luciferian views this world as something to possess, something to enjoy and to use as a means to gain Wisdom and Strength - here and now!

Luciferian Magick, as such, then springs from a well with no center- and no periphery. It is a wellspring of knowledge. It holds every potential and every power that could conceivably manifest. Every endearing embrace.


Magickians today face more rigorous challenges than in any age previous. Self-Perfection manifests in one’s effectiveness in both internal and external worlds. Mastering diversified roles is one way to bring about such perfection. Such human masks of the Luciferian masks include:

The Artist. Relates to the focus of power within the construct of beauty and revulsion. This could be through music, sculpture, drawing, painting. All of these contribute to becoming a master of rite-craft.

The Scholar. The study of ancient and modern magicks provides one with limitless sources of knowledge. This knowledge translates into diversified experiences and empowerment.

The Philosopher. Always question; never stagnate.

The Hermit. Recognizing the benefits of periodic hibernation and the opportunities in character development according to Self – not social constructs.

The Athlete. Overcoming physical limitations assists the magickian in mental endurance through practices such as Luciferian Yoga. What better way to express Self-sanctification!

The Statesman. Listening, interjection, negotiation and self-promotion are all excellent tactics in the masterful execution of Will.

The Provider. Attend needs of blood- and witch- kin alike. It is much more efficient to sustain a powerbase among those giving willing consent to your authority.

The Example. Create an example by which others will hunger and attempt to mimic New souls may be called to Darkness just as cunning serpent spurred Adam and Eve in the primordial garden.

The Agent. Acts of seeming generosity inspire loyalty and grant you control over the perceptions of others. As a power-broker, one becomes the face of the powers there trafficked and, ultimately, that power.

The Mortician. The absence of fear is Exhausted capability is the absence of fear: further your life by the wielding of death.

The Deity. The rejection of total submission to anything or anyone is key to magickal longevity in the Luciferian Path. Never submit to another person or one’s base or aesthetic drives if that submission unacceptably decreases one’s power.

The Whore. Balancing the scales of seduction, hedonism, risk and reward to further opportunity as one worships sacred desire and possession and expiration.

The Assassin. The art of silence and subterfuge.

The Predator. The hunt concluding in possession and devourment of the unfortunate prey

All these roles constitute parts of the psyche that must be mastered. This is not a complete list; just a precursory one. An in-depth study of the Luciferian Tarot is an exhaustive exercise.


Initiation is a step on the path of the Adversary, to begin a journey on the scales and shields of the Crooked Serpent, Leviathan. The following ritual, CASTING THE SHADOW OF CAIN is a powerful rite which acts as a “Crossing of the Threshold”. Initiation is the first steps into the path of Lucifer, one of hidden wisdom and the knowledge of self. By knowing who you are, strengths, weakness and what you want to become does the path of darkness reveal light. The light is wisdom. Magick is a tool which opens the mind to the unknown. With knowledge of the unknown comes power. Luciferians thirst for power. We want to control our lives, our possibilities in life and death.

Initiation into the Luciferian Mysteries is one which requires someone who is able to seek mysteries to discover knowledge; you must embrace the darkness as a part of yourself, understanding that the abyss is an endless fountain of power.

The highest aim of many initiatory orders is to thrust the candidate into the abyss, destroying the human ego and hence creating a being of light who is merely a vessel for some imbalanced god. Our Luciferian tradition, in contrasts, sponsors an abysmal plunge on the very outset. The goal is not to dissolve the ego but to ignite it. Once lit, the Initiate empowers self and addresses any human weakness to emerge as a beacon of his own light.

Begin your path as a Luciferian knowing you will be challenged and tested. Through this magickal path you shall ascended as a God or Goddess. You develop yourself in the archetypical image of the Adversary.

Through the Mask of the isolated one, the wanderer who first spilled blood to sacrifice to his demon, whose mark was that of initiation, can the path of light be seen. That the first murderer destroyed the weakness of his own self to descend into darkness and then again into light presents a model of initiation. It is more than a mere model to some, rather a living spirit which inspires the self; acts as a muse and elevates the self to higher levels of perception.

The Faith of Cain is the faith of the self; antinomianism and passing beyond all borders. The nature of the Father of Cain, being Satan/Samael, is to be as the Adversary, to test the self and the others, by chaos can order then be truly born. As with Order being born, thus it must die and chaos must bring a needed change. Do not mistake Order for progressive action; as Chaos is the only law of certain un-law.

Cain is the point of continual transformation, this process of initiatory symbolism is best understood as the following:

Transformation Process Deific Mask

Clay Uninitiated Abel

Fire Forge Cain

Light Awakened Lucifer-Azazel

The symbolism of Cain and Lucifer-Azazel (Azal’ucel) is the process of self-illuminating initiation: a self-directed achievement.

The aim of the magician is to become like Lucifer, the struggle against the Natural Order which denies the will to become isolate and unique, to fight against the absolute or AinSoph which would devour consciousness – it is light merciless, thoughtless, uncaring. This AinSoph as the Cabalists call it is the perception of unity with the limitless light, God or the Kether of the Tree of Life. Before one may approach this light, the Luciferian Spark within must be kindled. The magician must fight to develop the self from the identity to being lost in some vague universal oneness.


“The Circle within Luciferian Witchcraft represents the very binding space of the sorcerers’ body, both of spirit/celestial and flesh/infernal. It is the symbol of both the Sun and the Moon, the sphere which begets strength and the very focus of the Magician.” ADAMU

The circle casting ritual in Luciferian Magick is based around not banishing, however asserting power and raising the spirit to specific points of power. The circle represents the Body of the Luciferian, when you are within the circle you announce and focus your desire on the task at hand. Once you get very proficient at this basic casting ritual, you may wish to move on to one of the rites from THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY.


Magick is the act of causing change both within and then outside of the self. Magick, like Yoga or any other act improves with practice. As you begin a process of initiation keep in mind that it is not a part-time Religion like Christianity or a hobby. Magick is a part of your life, living and breathing. Your Spirit – Mind – Body are equally affected, driven and supported by Magick. When you are at your lowest, when you feel alone, there is Magick. When you are at the top of the world, there is Magick. Be prepared to listen to your instincts, drive yourself beyond your limits.

Magick should be made a daily practice – set aside time each day to practice your process of meditation – controlling the mind, slowing your thoughts, etc. You can find suitable practice in THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY.

You will want to begin with exercises which control the body and mind, for instance Ahrimanic Yoga. It is essential to set aside practice daily for magickal work. Nothing will prove detrimental to your development than falling off from practice. You must be prepared to strengthen yourself through discipline. This very discipline will support your magickal development later on.

You must be prepared to hold yourself to your goals. For everything you do, there must be a measurable involved. If you wish to overcome a smoking habit: have your meditation techniques shown progress? If not, prepare to change them quickly. If you wish to get in shape, you invocations to Aeshma the Daeva of aggression should charge you – if not, ask yourself why? If it is discipline, focus on steps daily and you will affect discipline.

1. Know your goal which affects your physical life foremost.

-I wish to get in shape and improve the energy level within a period of two months.

2. Know the initiatory goal of what will affect your initiatory process.

- By getting in shape I can perform yoga in a more proficient way. This will result in a more meaningful process to align my mind in a meditative state.

Measurable progress:

-After the first few times of exercise, establish a harrowing goal to achieve in the 2 months. This may involve weight lifting, running, sit ups or any similar activity.

Keep a journal on your activity.

Learn a Yatukih nirang from THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY. Perform Staota or mantra while conducting exercise from DRAUGA.


The ritual tools within the Luciferian Tradition are as various as the witches themselves. Some create fetish servitors, embodied and often created demonic familiars bound to objects, created from animal remains, blood or sexual fluids to form a visualized shade which holds significance to the sorcerer himself. Some create dolls and others use little or no exterior tools or implements. What holds tradition among such Adepts is the commitment of the Luciferic Spirit within. This is the mind of the practitioner which has been liberated through antinomian practices and thought, by this determined focus that the Will of the Black Adept has transformed he or she into a Daemonic Being. Within ancient Persian practice, the Ahriman (Satan) created daemon Akoman (meaning Evil Mind) is the Luciferian Mind which seeks liberation and independence from the mass or herd mentality, to become something ‘other’ by the forbidden or ‘evil’ path of Magick or Witchcraft.

Certain tools within the Craft Sinister are often considered ‘haunted’ objects, empowered by ongoing ritual practice by the witch or sorcerer which gives the fetish a seeming life independent from their own, however always usually in accordance to their Will. Ritual instruments such as the Tibetan Kangling, a Trumpet made from the thigh bone of a hanged man, a ritual knife known as an Athame, according to Idries Shah as ‘adhdhame’ being ‘bloodletter’, used in Sabbat ritual practice to focus the Will or Cast the Mind into the determined direction of ritual Magick; the blade representing the Luciferic Mind of the magician. The Skull Cup, made from the top part of the human skull, makes a drinking bowl used in ceremonial or solitary practice. None of these ritual tools are required for practice, which depends solely on the means and predilection of the sorcerer.


The altar is the area of working in which the sorcerer projects their will upon the universe. The altar should be adorned in implements which signify the desire and aim of the Luciferian. If unable to have a real altar, for instance if you are in the military, or living somewhere in which an altar would prove a negative addition, then create your ideal altar via the imagination. This can provide a powerful tool in your magickal work as this is the foundation of the path – the mind. The altar and the inverted pentagram often represent the Mastery of the Earth. Thus the Altar belongs to the essence of Belial, fixed earth, foundation.


The cup represents the aspects of the subconscious brought into flesh, Leviathan rising from the abyss. The sorcerer drinks from a chalice often at the end of a rite to symbolize confirmation of the ritual itself, the intent to make flesh. Some magickians use skull caps to drink from, representing the power of the carnal and the spiritual plane.


Color appeals to sight, allowing such to assist in inspiring your ceremonial rituals is paramount. When preparing for a specific ritual, think of the colors you will use in your rites. The main candles used in Luciferian rites is BLACK and RED, but there are so many other colors to consider for rituals. In working with the Watchers/Grigori, the Luciferian will use yellow, blue, white and green among others. Don’t limit yourself in color for corresponding rituals. Here are a few descriptions and suggestions.

Black : Hidden Knowledge, Death, Power, Change and Defense

Red: Creativity, Love, Desire, Attraction, Vitality, War and Aggression

White: Self-Deification (think SUN card of the LUCIFERIAN TAROT) Purity, Cleansing, Protection and Bestowing Health to Another

Blue: Happiness, Work (Obtaining Job, Change of Career) and Friendship

Yellow: Health, Happiness, Wits and Alertness = Intuition,

Green: Money, Success and Material Items

Orange: Endurance, thought, and inspiration.

Purple: Sex and Rejuvenation.

-Reproduced from "Beginning Luciferian Magick" by Michael W. Ford, Succubus Productions.