There is no Membership for the Assembly of Light Bearers.


The ALB is an autonomous collective of individuals who uniquely exhalt the Black Flame by their Thoughts, Words and Actions in life. There is no formal membership and to be aligned with the ALB, you should identify with the 11 Luciferian Points of Power and apply this philosophy consistently. As Hopemarie Ford wrote, Luciferians have traits including self-motivation and a level of independent thought and character. 


How do you become a Luciferian?  The 11 Points of Power is where it begins and is the single most important step towards the Luciferian Path. 


Our current public focus is to provide a simplistic foundation of our philosophical approach and basic guidance on applying the 11 Points of Power and the Triad of Liberation, Illumination, Apotheosis. Luciferian Philosophy is a transformative initiatory process which is a continual stream of inherent energy and liberating tools to not only ignite the Black Flame, transforming and reaching with a balance within the Darkness and inherent, blazing Light.


Individuals may be drawn to Luciferianism for any number of reasons; equally so is the way in which the neophyte (newly beginning upon the path) perceives and views the world and life in general. Luciferian Philosophy has mutual foundation with all types of individuals, from theists, atheists, gnostics, agnostics and anything inbetween. The common basis of our unique adherence within the Luciferian Path is the self-determined, motivated and personal belief in creating change according to our Will, this rational philosophical guidance is to start in the mundane and simple way: adopt, apply and adapt specific chosen Points of Power  setting in motion Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. 


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