11 Luciferian Points of Power 

By Michael W. Ford

10. Lucifer represents the insight that every act, no matter if perceived as selfless, is at core a selfish act. Even if helping others is your passion, the brain still receives a chemical reward triggered by the act. This is why many consider that doing good deeds in society may bring you closer to “god”. Recognize you are selfish, then see this fact in all others while observing. Accept this and then with this knowledge, make choices that would benefit not only yourself but your loved ones’ when possible.


11. To become a god is to fully understand that you possess the power to create and sustain your path in life and illuminate the light of self-determined potential


-Published in “Apotheosis” by Michael W. Ford, and Hope Marie.


The 11 Points are the cornerstone of the Luciferian Philosophy. After reading and pondering the 11 points, you will most likely sense if you are a Luciferian or not. The 11 Points should inspire, challenge and be an anchor for your evolving concept of self. *This is a condensed version, the complete study is found in “Wisdom of Eosphoros”.


The 11 Points are the basic foundation for the Luciferian Philosophy. They are non-dogmatic and adaptable to the individual to support a Left Hand Path, or self-determined path of power utilizing the continual process of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis.


1. Lucifer represents the light of intellect, wisdom and power unique to each individual with the courage to ascend to this responsibility.


2. The symbol of the Adversary is that of the self-liberator and spiritual rebel who inspires self-evolution.


3. Lucifer represents the balanced torch bearer of Venus: the Light Bringer as the Morning Star and the Night Bringer as the Evening Star.


4. The Adversary symbolizes the spark of consciousness which questions everything, manifesting the individualistic path with accountability only to the self.


5. The fall of Lucifer symbolizes the liberation of the mind from the slave-mentality and the courage to explore and master the darkness within. One may not offer the illumination of the Morning Star without the wisdom of the darkness within.


6. The Adversary represents rebellion with purpose: wisdom, strength and power. 


7. Lucifer represents the courage and fortitude to acquire healthy self-love, leading to the responsibility of honoring your temple of mind, body and spirit.


8. To become your own god you must have the wisdom and strength to govern and guide your life as if your mind is to survive beyond the mortal body.


9. Indulgence with restraint, love for the deserving and disdain for those undeserving.


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