The Morning Star


    Concepts of Darkness



    By Michael W. Ford


    Those interested in the ideology and practice of Luciferianism will discover that what society and modern culture has conditioned them from the earliest years until now is a perception of negative and enslavement of our possibilities in life. Luciferianism is unique in the foundation of thought which has the possibility to awaken, deprogram and re-shape our thought patterns and the exact way in which we perceive the world around us.

    Our earliest years of life are strongly shaped by our parents, social media and educational institutions that indoctrinate and create the model of our perception of the world. We learn the sky is blue, the sun is yellow, white is purity, good is what the Christian bible and media tells us it is and evil is put upon our world by the devil who is the enemy of man. It is not our parents’ fault; they too were indoctrinated in this slave mentality.

    Humans are consciously aware beings that have a wide range of emotions and passions which drive them. At an early age, it seems to be a part of the human condition to rebel against some type of authority as our perceptions of the world change with experience. Some grow out of this and become potentially successful or at least acceptable within their social structure as good workers, etc. There are those who only degenerate in behavior to being socially destructive to themselves and those around them. Then there are those who perceive there is something more philosophically but after a few years of being ideological rebels, rejecting the religions of blind faith, allows the weight and influence of friends and family to guide them to social conformity.

    Luciferians are different. From an early age, we accept and develop strong character, a sense of morals with respect for those we call friends and family; the religious stories and teaching of the Christian bible don’t necessarily match the patterns in nature and the human being; that we can easily understand that people always want to put blame on someone else for their troubles and if given the chance, often act over-selfishly against another. While the Luciferian is not born as such, the mind must have some genetic and developmental conditions which offer potential for the individual to find inspiration, comfort and power in this path.

    Luciferianism is not a new invention. Before it was called “Luciferianism” this path and way of thinking was in many Pre-Christian ancient near eastern cultures to varying degrees, often with nobility and the leaders of those societies.  Christianity was at a late date born and soon offered a pipe-dream of peace and bliss at the end of the decaying society of the Roman Empire; an Imperial dream of a martial warriors who soon found that wealth and corruption was superior to social balance. The masses were highly impoverished and had little to look forward to. Christianity offers a reward of bliss to those good sheep who trudged along in life in their culture. Christianity was a tool of control and order with little regard for education, cultural growth or the values of the hero and conqueror from the Hellenistic period.

    We are instructed on absolutes at an early age; it is much easier to explain and in turn control when things are either black or white. Gray areas which require often reason and logic can turn against those controlling the populations, thus conditioning the earliest Christian converts in the Dark Ages into illiterate and uneducated idiots (except for the wealthy, noble or priestly families) really worked better than the earliest Church Fathers’ ever dreamed of. By the late Medieval Period, the select few were creating a new age of art and the beginnings of Science, while the Church was repressing and teaching fairy tales for truth, keeping slave mentality stronger than ever.

    Generation after generation was told what to think and where they fit in. Like the breed of a dog, we change their genetics by this type of conditioning until they can’t help but accept this way of living. With so many humans, Luciferians are fortunate to be awake but can find the early stages of self-liberation to grow into confusing mental stress if not allowed to perceive differently than before. To accept such, we must find with reason and logic the benefit and result of doing so.

    Let us take the concept of Darkness and Light.

    In our culture, many commonly perceive darkness as being either ignorance or representing ‘evil’. Light is perceived as both purity and holiness. Those who find an interest in the mainstream edges of the “Occult” world accept and still approach their lives’ with these definitions. Those who find Ceremonial Magick have lessened the absolute; it still is a part of the core of ideology. Anton LaVey’s Satanism was a revolutionary anti-religion in the 1960’s which brought together the foundation ideology from a carnal perspective from which evolved into Luciferianism. A Satanist has a rational self-interest and is happy with indulgence in life; not necessarily a spiritual path or evolution of being. A Luciferian understands indulgence is a foundational human right, yet there is an inner desire for something more.

    Luciferianism recognizes that there is balance in nature and within our own existence. Nature has functions for all life forms; evolution continues to select the best to rule or the cunning to survive within their own environment. We can now begin to understand with Science that was evolved into what we are now. Originally, we were life forms which crawled from the waters. We emerged from darkness; just as space surrounds the sun and is all around us. Darkness is also the place of our greatest fears, our hidden selves and primal desires. Darkness is not ‘evil’ or depressive in any way; rather it is the place of rest, meditative control and dreaming. Within our dreams we wrap ourselves in darkness to shape our nocturnal fantasy, inspiring our subconscious minds towards conscious thoughts.

    Darkness and the primal instinct is the very seat of our desire and passions; if uncontrolled, however we would act without regard for others in the pursuit of over-indulgence. This is where the concept of light emerges. Light is the conscious, articulated and self-controlled aspect of our selves. We don’t seek the light of some alien deity but rather to focus on our own consciousness. Light represents knowledge, enlightenment and with the experience of what we have learned, wisdom. The darkness is the fire of our desire and passion, rising up and uniting with the light to then be refined, controlled and properly directed to lead full lives and attain our chosen goals and concepts of individual power. The balance of light and darkness is essential in Luciferianism, we recognize we are our own gods; responsible for our successes and shortcomings. We are accountable to ourselves for how we treat others and the core concepts of morals we find to be a part of our consciousness. If you observe the great conquerors of the ancient world – Alexander the Great, the Achaemenid Persians and the New Kingdom Egyptians, all present themselves as bringers of light to their people. They seek to strengthen and evolve their own people and appear as illuminated heroes overcoming chaos. Observe also how they at time acted ruthlessly and destroyed their enemies’ without the weak concept that destroys minds – guilt. You see, this is another fine example of balance. In history, the defeated enemy is always depicted as a vanquished force of darkness, evil as a whole and the victor is representing the force of light and truth. Obviously, history presents us with one sided lies told again and again; when something is told consistently and soon accepted by the masses, it becomes “truth”.

    Luciferianism exalts both darkness and light as a balance; duality is a monotheistic falsehood which does not exist in nature. In all beings and within nature itself, there is a cycle of both destruction and creation. From that which is destroyed something new is created upon it. Good and evil are thus the same concept. Anton LaVey defined it as “Good is what you like, Evil is what you don’t like”. As good and evil do not exist, imbalanced and defective people do. Those who steal from others harm the weak or for selfish desire (Luciferianism represents indulgence with healthy discipline) causes suffering to others without sufficient provocation (self-defense, protecting a loved one) are not in some absolute manner, destructive. Simply put they have too many destructive character flaws and are mental unfit for society.

    Nothing in this world is black and white; there are different ways of perceiving something and it does matter which side your own concerning what is happening. Luciferianism requires the intelligence and independent strength of character to make decisions based on the experience at the time. Think before acting, if you must defend yourself then do so with guiltless pride. Don’t do things which you will feel guilt for that is in conflict with your core morals as a living individual.

    Luciferianism is a path to spiritual self-liberation with the responsibility to be accountable for your present and future. The spiritual freedom is one of the greatest gifts of the symbol we call “Light Bearer”. Do not resist the dark…go forth and master it, that the light shall then serve your well!

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